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Mayhem Results

  1. Jethro & Shaun Became No.1 Contenders for The Tag Team championship by Def. Leander and Neil
  2. Brock Lesnar attacked the match of Jamie & Haydon.Matthew came and attacked Lesnar after.
  3. Sergio Def. Local Kid
  4. Matthew Def. Brock Lesnar by countout.
  5. Jalen made his return match and won it against Warren
  6. Matthew VS Brock Lesnar at “Gold in the Bank”  announced

Clash Results

  • Sergio Def. Aylon
  • Jalen Def. Haydon
  • Neil announced about the upcoming PPV,Death Chamber
  • Jamie & Sonique Def. Leander &  Kylie by DQ
  • Matthew Def. Alessandro
  • Shaun won a 15 man Battle Royal